Viser indlæg fra oktober, 2015


Design week with the one and only super hardcore Lawrence Marvits. First abstract illustration is my personal representation of what 70% dark chocolate tastes like. (it's a tad too even in shape) Next image is of what I thought a 1959's Jazz Album sounded like. (a bit too detailed and busy, shape's still a little stale) Third is a dynamic illustration of the Frankenstein story by Mary Shelley. (shapes are good but the composition is off) Last is an illustration of Pirates of The Caribbean. (the boat's too big, steals away the vocal point which should've been the little Capn. Jack Sparrow)

Barbara Slade: Story writing

Character designs drawn during Barbara Slade's Story Telling lectures. Getting properly acquainted with the traditional storytelling forms and character arcs was a joy. My story is fairly straight to the point; A misunderstood monster is chased away constantly by human adults but finds a friend in a little kid who adopts him as a pet. Chenanigans ensue.

Steffen Rayburn-Maarup: Speech Bubbles and Lettering

Part of this assignment was to make two pages out of written text with no visual references. The first two pages are inked by myself and the smaller two pages were done by one of my classmates, Tina Burholt. I'm aware there's a severe lack of speech-bubbles and text, but it was un-needed in this case, however, it was a solid exercise and very good lecture about placement and planning for text and speech-bubbles.

Mårdøn Smet: Peter Pan pages, specific style

B&W pages done from the Peter Pan Novel where Wendy reveals she is now an adult and Peter Pan takes off with her daughter Jane. Mårdøn allowed us to have the liberty to tingle with the original story structure as long as it was still faithful to the core elements; Peter arrives, gets upset, leaves with Jane. It was a requirement to try to replicate the style of a certain comic book artist.

Sketch Versions