Viser indlæg fra april, 2016
Style exercise with Mårdøn Smet! The exercise was to try our best to imitate the art style of
Hergé and Tezuka.
I was teamed up (once again!) with Simao :) this was a very interesting excercise;
First I would draw the first two pages in the Tezuka style and then Simao would ink them, and then I would be inking his 2 sketch pages. I'm fairly satisfied with this one :)

Sad man

Our teacher this week, Teddy Kristensen, asked us to make a short, sketchy comic wherein a man and a woman pass the same building. The man just lost his son in a war and the woman is in love. Without using words, we were supposed to let the environment communicate the facts about these two people.

I sadly didn't finish the one with the woman, but alas, I still feel satisfied with what I got done in time.

Storytelling: Steven Seagle (Part 2)

So, as a follow-up to the last assignment, we were to take one of our classmate's stories and REWRITE it so it would be a completely other story.

I had the honor of rewriting Nelly's kickass sketchy styles :)

Storytelling: Steven Seagle

This week’s teacher, Steven Seagle, is super awesome. We were supposed to make a short comic in roughly 24 hours. Our stories were based on eachother’s experiences. I had a lot of fun with this one.
Simao told me 'bout how he got inspired to draw from watching animated movies on TV, so here's my interpretation of that with a big extreme sports enthusiast that finds piece in books. :)

Perspective drawing: Lawrence Marvit


Classical Drawing: Artem

From December 11, 2015 :)

Seal Bouncer Segway

Friday 11. September 2015

Jim Medway wanted us to make a six panel comic using three things: an animal, an occupation and something random. Each person had to write and animal, occupation and something random on three pieces of paper and put them blank side up on a wall, then we were to pick a piece of paper from each category and make a comic from it. So, my words were Seal, Bouncer and Segway.
A very rude fish-guy is trying to get into the hot party club, but the bouncer seal won't allow him to get in. Things escalate.

Lawrence Marvits: Perspective Class